"Good Faith to an Insurance Company is, what do we do to maximise our profits and then what steps do we take, in order to accomplish that? And that's at the peril of the insured!" Quoted from a video by Richardson Law Firm

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Insurance Claim Bad Faith


"The duty of the utmost good faith. A contract of insurance is a contract based on the utmost good faith and there is implied in such a contract a provision requiring each party to it to act towards the other party, in respect of any matter arising under or in relation to it, with the utmost good faith".

Insurance Contracts Act 1984 [Amended 24/07/08] Download PDF Version

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What Is Insurance Claim Bad Faith? - How Will It Effect You?

Insurance Claim Bad Faith is a legal term of art, that describes a 'tort claim', that an insured person may have against an Insurance Company, for its Bad Acts. Under the law of most jurisdictions in the United States, Insurance Companies owe a Duty of Good Faith & Fair Dealing to the persons they insure. This duty is often referred to as the "implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing", which automatically exists by operation of law in every insurance contract.

If an Insurance Company violates that covenant, the insured person (or "policyholder") may sue the company on a 'tort claim' in addition to a standard breach of contract claim.

The contract-tort distinction is significant because as a matter of public policy, punitive or exemplary damages are unavailable for contract claims, but are available for tort claims. The end result is that a plaintiff in an Insurance Bad Faith case, may be able to recover an amount larger than the original face value of the policy, if the insurance company's conduct was particularly egregious. - Source - Wikipedia

Thursday, December 31, 2009

NRMA Insurance Unworry - Policy Holder Rip Off Video

What A Joke - Vote For Your Bad Faith Insurer
This 7 News 'Today Tonight' video exposes Australia's biggest insurance company and their sneaky tricks to rip you off. But it's just the tip of the iceberg! We're told it's not third party claims alone, but a raft of other rip offs. With reference to your car, your largest investment, your home!

A bus load of customers are taken for a ride to the offices of IAG / NRMA. Said to be one of the tallest insurance buildings in Australia, by one of their customers. After they all waited for more than 40 minutes, for anyone in management to arrive.

Obviously the NRMA likes to show their true colours to the unwanted customers, the ripped off policy holders! Imagine having to wait 40 mins to sign up to a new policy! This same service would in fact serve us well, as we would only shop elsewhere and not be 'hood winked' into believing they were helping us to unworry! Most of these customers were unworried, until they had to make a claim with MRMA / IAG!

When investors become the main client of a business and the policy holder is treated as 'small fry' there has to be a problem on the horizon!

Watch the video and feel the same disgust as these customers do. How a business can show true show BAD FAITH, when it obviously just does not care about it's policy holders anymore! The sad truth is, that in some cases this business will often spend more money attempting to not pay a claim! The true colours of Australian Insurance Company Bad Faith.

Are you still questioning whether this insurance business has your best interests at heart? Remember your car, your home, your rented property etc. are often the largest investments of your life. So why trust them with a business that could attempt to rip you off, at YOUR TIME OF NEED?

Do not forget to add your vote to The Insurance Bad Faith Award In Australia. Please forward this video to others, or direct them back to this site.

One of the angry NRMA customers who has not been able to live in his home since mid 2007, due to NRMA Insurance BAD FAITH, is Reny Deren. Read his full story here. View what his home looked like before the NRMA failed to repair the home within 18 months! And he's still no closer to being able to return to his home, that over time the NRMA Insurance Company has literally left to rot!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insurance Claim Bad Faith Blogs

Top 10 Listed Insurance Claim Bad Faith Blogs

Top 10 Listed Insurance Claim Bad Faith Blogs

Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Insurance Claim Denial - Find Clues!

A CLUE To Why Your Home Insurance Maybe Denied

The CLUE Why Your Home Insurance May Be Denied!

Make Sure You Do Your Home Insurance Homework Before Buying Your Home!

You Need To Have A Clue As To Whether Your Insurance Company Will Insure Your Home!

The Last Thing You Want Is A Home Insurance Claim Denied!

The following excerpt is taken from an article, by Paul Banister of Bankrate.com.

CLUE is the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, which tracks insurance-claim histories of both people and properties, and it can be a major roadblock on the highway to homeownership.

Home buyers who have never made a claim on their own policies are finding themselves being rejected for insurance coverage on the house they've just bought, because the house itself has a poor CLUE record.

If you can't get insurance coverage, you can't get a mortgage. Worse, if you pay cash for a house and then get turned down for coverage, you can find yourself between a rock and a hard place -- either paying excessive premiums to get your property protected or "going bare" with no insurance protection against a variety of perils.

"Buyers assume that because they have a good insurance history that getting a policy on their new home will be routine," says John Dixon, a Chicago real estate lawyer.

You might find, after closing, you can't get a policy, and you're in breach of your mortgage, which requires you to keep the property -- the lender's collateral, after all -- protected.

Visit Bankrate.com for the full report.

Our further investigation and your input, may provide an answer for our Australian readers, as to whether there is a similar database here in Australia?

Another great article on the CLUE database can be found on privacyrights.org. This website explains in detail the CLUE database, how to get a report and further tips for Insurance Consumers.

The CLUE Why Your Home Insurance May Be Denied!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Massive Insurance Fraud - Mistreating The Policyholder

Insurance Bad Faith Angers Policyholders
Massive Insurance Fraud - Mistreating The Policyholder.

An excellent video by Thomas Gober, a Certified Fraud Examiner & Forensic Accountant, scores 10/10! For its description of what is going on behind closed doors in some Insurance Companies, to the detriment of it's own policy holders!

A true 'Bad Faith' video taken from a collection on Thomas's site Big Insurance Fraud. Thomas clearly expresses the concerns he has that policyholders have lost their ability to get their claims paid. Thomas has over 20 years of professional experience working in his field, and what he has to say is based on direct experience with the insurance industry.

Other videos on Big Insurance Fraud describe in more detail, insurance company accounting fraud and how big insurance companies, "cook the books" to improve their bottom line. Somehow, further managing to hide it from regulators!

No need to say that it does not matter where you are, nor what kind of insurance you have, you need to be aware you may be running a risk with your insurance provider!

Need the Forensic Accounting Services of Thomas Gober? Visit www.tgfas.com.

Massive Insurance Fraud - Mistreating The Policyholder

Bad Faith Insurance News

Home Insurance Claim News